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Our team of professionals at the Local 701 headquarters in Gladstone, Oregon is dedicated to the idea that every member is the union. We firmly believe that our members are the most highly skilled and productive workers in the industry – and provide a greater value to their employers than unrepresented workers. We are proud to represent them.

Local 701 provides many services to our members and signatory contractors including training and continuing education, healthcare and pension programs, and centralized job dispatch. Listed below is a directory of our team.

Business Manager & Financial Secretary

James Anderson

Assistant to the Business Manager

Darren Glebe

Supervisory Staff

  • Nathan Stokes – Field Staff Coordinator

Legal Counsel

  • Nicole Rappaport – General Counsel

Field Representatives

    • Robert Crane – Field Rep. Portland Metro
    • Uriah Chipman – Field Rep. Portland Metro/Mid-Willamette Valley
    • Jack Miller – Field Rep. Stationary Engineers
    • Mike Tobey – Field Rep. Stationary Engineers
    • Chris Montgomery – Field Rep. Stationary Engineers
    • Tom Wishard – Field Rep. SW Washington
    • Ron Lee – Field Rep. Southern Oregon
    • Terry Casey – Field Rep. Eastern Oregon


  • Scott Anderson
  • Tim Boyette


  • Amanda Swenson – BOLI Industry Researcher
  • Deanna Robles – Construction Training Coordinator

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

  • Barbara Watts
  • Becky Bixler – Asst. Bookkeeper

Office Staff

  • Melissa Savage – Dues Office
  • Peter Ullrey – Stationary Training Coordinator
  • Barbara Watts – Contracts/Keymans
  • Elaine Jeremy – Administrative Assistant