Statement from the General President
Updated On: Jun 18, 2020

As members of the labor movement IUOE Local 701 stands for the fight against injustice and supports workers and their families. We use our First Amendment rights every day to support our efforts and believe that prosperity for all starts with equality. Please see below for a message from our General President and stay safe.

James Anderson

Business Manager/Financial Secretary


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The IUOE prides itself on being an organization that encourages diversity, and one that embraces members from all walks of life, regardless of their background. We therefore stand firm in our unwavering and resounding commitment to discourage and eliminate all forms of harassment, discrimination, or systemic institutional violence in the workplace and beyond, and to support and help those who suffer any such unfair treatment or abuse.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.” As the world continues to struggle in the wake of these uncertain and troubling times, we ask that you take these inspirational words to heart, and try your best to live by them. We must, now more than ever, continue to stand together united as brothers and sisters, and do our part to help make this world a better place where every single one of us has a fair and equal opportunity to achieve prosperity and success through hard work and perseverance.

In Solidarity,

James T. Callahan
General President

Brian E. Hickey
General Secretary-Treasurer

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